Bands of Gold Part Four

Saturday March 14, 2009 in music | meme

The final part of this personal musicology. Coincidentally this week the Guardian and Observer decided to bombard us with the 1000 songs you must hear, obviously inspired by this meme. Time to get this finished before YouTube delete all of the music videos…


My only joke inclusion. Or is it? This is Take That singing Could it be Magic from 1992. I have a theory that the director of this video had taken something very strong on the day of the shoot. Everything is crammed in to make it fun; there’s a couple of pretty girls dancing. Also some urgent car mechanics. Then, suddenly, a settee! A bicycle! It’s interesting that the reformed Take That stand very still when they sing, completely opposite to their early incarnation. Proof that there is a cure for ants in the pants.

I urge you to watch this video! Ooh … doesn’t Robbie look young!


Feargal Sharkey has been vocal in the current YouTube rights debate, so I though it only fitting to include The Undertones.


This clip of the Velvet Underground could easily be mistaken for a spoof, although student parties never really got much better than this.


For an eternity I’ve been trying to decide between Scott Walker and Paul Weller. Sorry Paul.


Swindon’s finest, XTC. And Richard Branson in a bizarre acting role.


The Young Knives, Ashby-de-la-Zouch’s finest. I love this League of Gentlemen ish video.


It’s Zager and Evans! Bad miming, but one of my all time favourite singles. And still a very worthy warning, although they didn’t manage to predict the internet and social networking.

And Finally

Still kicking myself for leaving out The Beatles…

I love that Young Knives video! What’s the Feargal Sharkey debate? Is he another singer that’s whining about copyright infringement?

Oh, and now I’m upset about not thinking of XTC. I loved that song, although the vid really stinks!

chartroose    Friday March 20, 2009   

Feargal Sharkey is some bigwig in the music business. Odd really.

The Book Tower    Tuesday March 24, 2009   

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