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Sunday August 3, 2008 in books | reviews

Inspired by Simon’s post I’ve been giving some thought to my holiday reading this year. As I’m currently restraining myself from buying anything new I’m going to find it difficult to pass the airport exclusive stands. Like a smuggler who tries to pass through customs as quickly as possible on the way in to Heathrow, I’ll be dashing past Waterstone’s with my head down on the way out. But I’m determined to keep plundering my existing stock of books.

I’m currently halfway through Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing. It’s taking me so long to read that I’ll probably be taking it away with me in a couple of weeks time. And if I can stomach any more McCarthy I might also pack Cities of the Plain, the final part of his Border trilogy. Although experience has taught me that it’s wise to leave long periods of rest between McCarthy novels.

This weekend it’s the annual harbour festival in Bristol. Finding the heat and crowds overwhelming yesterday, I excused myself for an hour to find a quiet and shady tree to read by. I noticed only one other reader in my field of vision, a young lady halfway through The God of Small Things. So a chance inspiration for my next title.

The other books will possibly be a choice between The Bone People by Keri Hulme, something else by Joseph Conrad or Graham Greene (often good for holidays). Or I may allow my wife to buy an airport exclusive for me. Which isn’t really cheating.

“The God of Small Things” is a good choice. I liked what I read of it, but then I lost the book. Then I found it seven or eight months later, so I’ll have to start it again.

Brandon    Sunday August 3, 2008   

I hate it when that happens, although I’m kind of wishing I’d lose The Crossing at the moment.

The Book Tower    Sunday August 3, 2008   

Love the idea that you have introduced the wife clause to side-step your buying ban. Now all you need is to get her to read it out to you while you lie by the pool and you really can relax!!

simon    Wednesday August 6, 2008   

Of course the plan won’t work.

“There’s not enough time”.
“You’ve already brought along three books”.
“You have too many books”.

The Book Tower    Wednesday August 6, 2008   

What do you say?

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