The Beatles and The Stones

Friday November 10, 2006 in books read 2006 | music

I’m about a quarter of the way through Dominic Sandbrook’s massive White Heat, a history of Britain 1964-1970. It’s a fantastic book, that’s very well written and serves as a great antidote to the endless dull and repetitive documentaries I’m tired of seeing about the period.

Stephen’s back at home with his Beatles and his Stones; he never got it off on that revolution stuff…what a drag.

Both great bands, of course, but with the exception of a few tracks, not enough venom. I like music to have an edge, to be spitting out bile, to me demanding Justice for All; to want Vengeance, or to say you’ve had enough of society and you’re Going Underground.

But that’s basically ‘cos I’m a punk.

JackP    Friday November 10, 2006   

Yep, venom’s fine by me from time to time. Peace, love and venom.

The Book Tower    Friday November 10, 2006   

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