Jack Pickard

Tuesday January 19, 2010 in remembered |

I was very shocked to hear that Jack Pickard sadly passed away last weekend. Jack was a prolific blogger who wrote enthusiastically about a huge range of subjects. Web accessibility, Doctor Who, literature, politics, comedy, music, film; he was also a lover of the meme and it was a pleasure to take part in memes instigated by Jack over the years.

It was a honour to know that Jack read these pages regularly over the last four years I knew him. He often left comments and I’m grateful for that, and his passion for all things virtual meant regular contact on Twitter, Facebook and the accessible web standards forum Accessify. I even met him once, very briefly, but consider myself only an online associate so my thoughts go out to his friends and family at this tragic time.

I sincerely hope that The Pickards remains online for evermore. It will remain a valuable archive of great, witty writing. And the most fitting way of remembering him.

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