Lee Hazlewood 1929-2007

Friday August 10, 2007 in remembered |

Lee Hazlewood was probably best known for writing These Boots Were Made For Walkin’ for Nancy Sinatra. They also recorded several albums together during the 1960s, notably Nancy and Lee in 1968. I have this album on vinyl but have been tempted to download it from iTunes after hearing about his death.

He was also instrumental in creating the distinctive Duane Eddy guitar twang, and continued recording as a solo artist until very recently with his final release Cake or Death.

Lee Hazlewood

But the sixties claim him forever. If you’re looking for a gravelly voiced and dark vision of that decade then look no further. He looked great too. I love Lee Hazlewood because he’s remained on the fringes, not as fashionable as Scott Walker or The Velvet Underground – although he’s arguably more important and influential than his more famous peers. There’s also the country element to his songwriting, an influence evident in current artists such as Richard Hawley.

And in the time I’ve taken to write this post I’ve made my decision, downloaded the album and I’m listening to it now. The wonders of modern technology. The wonders of Lee Hazlewood.

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