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Christmas Playlist 2010

Saturday December 18, 2010 in music |

For this year’s Christmas playlist I’m going to concentrate on just four new releases.

Owl City: Peppermint Winter

An interesting little festive pop song, and one that’s sadly been overlooked this season. A joyous little ditty.

Reason you should purchase: somehow this will remind you of your youth.

The Priests and Shane MacGowan: Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth

Like a drunken old uncle gatecrashing your posh Christmas concert, this track is slightly embarrassing whilst at the same time you’ve got to look up all starry eyed to old Shane. And following on from last year’s bizarre Dylan interpretation of the song, Little Drummer Boy just gets odder and odder.

Reason you should purchase: it should be made law that we all hail Shane MacGowan at Christmas.

Coldplay: Christmas Lights

At first this sounds like Chris Martin has had one sherry over the limit and is making this song up as he goes along. But after a few listens this proves to be a wonderful Christmas tune that will haunt the NOW collections for years to come.

Reason you should purchase: for a commercial “rock” band they’re not too band. And U2 are to up themselves to make a Christmas record.

Ellie Golding: Your Song

Not a Christmas song, but now tied into this time of year thanks to the John Lewis advert. But Golding’s interpretation of this is wonderful, and takes it into another dimension. Whilst I always thought that the Elton John version was paving the way for future bad karaokes only now has Your Song fallen into the hands of an artist who can bring out its innate genius.

Reason you should purchase: it’s just flippin’ great.

And that’s it for this year. In these austere times I can’t even provide images of the record sleeves of these songs. I’m saving the effort to pour myself a generous glass of port instead. Good cheer and Merry downloading!

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